The Organ Donation Scotland Case Study

Organ Donation Scotland

Organ Donation Scotland

Web Design & Build

Organ Donation Scotland is a Scottish Government initiative that informs people of the organ donation process, prompts open discussion with your nearest and dearest and ultimately encourages people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Project Brief

Working alongside our friends at Story UK, we were initially tasked with designing and building a website that aimed to encourage users to register online with the NHS Organ Donor Register. 

The brief was to play on the concept of ‘Social Norming’ by integrating with Facebook to formulate a homepage donor wall.

A specific campaign was also briefed in that focused on the importance of sharing your wish to donate your organs with family and friends. It was thought that being a registered donor wasn’t always enough to guarantee your wishes would be honoured. Research showed that the most effective way was to discuss your wishes with your family. If this was done, authorisation rates were hoped to improve.

Key objectives

  • To improve on the historic high volume of drop-outs when it comes to registering online
  • Provide engaging content for users who are thinking about registering
  • Develop a mobile friendly website enabling users to register on the move
  • Use the digital environment to encourage registered donors communicate their wishes to friends and family
  • Answer a series of highly emotive topical questions
  • Develop an on-going digital relationship with those who have registered

What We Did

Easy to sign it

How would web visitors be encouraged to sign up if they couldn’t find the call to action? We made it easy.  We redesigned the homepage to include prominent ‘Register Now’ signpost and rolled the signpost out across the header of all pages of the site. This led to a simplified registration form with integrated Facebook login allowing for details to pre-fill and reduce the steps for the web user. The homepage was supported by mythbusting content and emotive case studies – the ‘living proof’ of the benefits of organ donation.

Easy to share it

Once a web visitor has joined the Register via the website we wanted to ensure the journey did not simply stop there. 

We wanted to make it easy to ‘share’ their action and to ‘keep on sharing’ - a simple ask harnessing the ‘feel-good factor’ of new registrants that helped us convert them into advocates for Organ Donation. We used Facebook share prompts at the end of the sign-up process to encourage engagement on social media.

We also encouraged sharing via the ‘wall of support’. Web visitors were encouraged to login via Facebook which pulled their Facebook profile picture through and tell us why they support organ donation. Their picture and comment were then fed through to the wall on the homepage of the site.   

The Results

People ‘signed it, shared it and kept on sharing’

  • 30,890 website sessions delivered 3,121 website registrations
  • 1,873 people joined our email database post-registration – an impressive 60% conversion rate and over 100% increase year on year
  • 566 people clicked through to our FB/Twitter pages after registering

The bigger picture

  • Looking at 2014/15 as a whole, there’s been a massive jump in Scottish ODR online registration – up from a yearly average of 5% to 20% this year
  • 45% of Scottish registrants were aged 16-30, our key digital audience – compared to an average of 22% in previous years
  • We’re seeing some encouraging 2,168,502 Scots (41%) are now on the ODR – the highest ever level
  • Since FY 2010/11, the overall authorisation rate (encompassing both those on/not on the ODR) in Scotland increased from 57.1% to 61.6%. Considering each donor has the potential to save seven lives, that 4.5% increase is a major achievement
  • Immediate anonymous advocacy through the use of a homepage ‘donor wall’, integrating a user's Facebook profile picture and ‘reason for registering’
  • A simplified registration form with integrated Facebook login (to pre-fill details)


Key Statistics

Social Sharing

Engagement via Facebook reached 45,146 (Total post likes, comments, shares)

Increased Donor Rates

Since the campaigning began, overall organ donation authorisation rates are at 61.6%

Key Digital Audience

45% of Scottish registrants were aged 16-30 years - our key digital audience

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