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Laing Parkhouse

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Laing Parkhouse are jewellery and luxury watch specialist with stores in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Hampshire.  Laing diamonds are handpicked in Antwerp to ensure outstanding cut, colour, grade, clarity, purity and quality of diamond.

Project Brief

We were tasked with designing and building a fully mobile responsive e-commerce Magento store that integrated with both their stock and eCRM management systems. 

Laing wanted to exceed the online offering available through competitor sites and target customers on mobile devices as analytics implied an increase in the amount of mobile traffic to their site. They wanted to offer the customer a premium digital experience to complement that of which they would receive in-store.

What We Did

We began by reviewing the Laing Parkhouse target audience and, in collaboration with the client, established an array of personas relating to each audience.  Once we were happy all bases had been covered, we used these personas to help shape user journeys through the future e-commerce platform. Personas, journeys and site mapping all aided in the development of interactive wireframing. By taking time at this initial stage, we were able to plan the multiple journeys through the website from arrival to product purchase without having to fundamentally change code during the build stage.

When entering the design stage of the project we referred back to luxury brand research initially carried out to encourage creative thinking on the style best suited to the Laing Parkhouse brand. As the Laing brand was already well-established offline we were keen to work closely with the design agency to find an appropriate direction for digital to ensure brand consistency from offline to online. We developed a range of visual concepts including the main style guide that highlighting all elements of the site and how they are to be displayed.  When progressing to the build stage of the project this allowed our technical developers to see how the page should be built.

We built a number of bespoke elements include a unique grid for displaying products differently. This grid worked well when stacking content on smaller screensizes and allowed for infinite scrolling of products. The e-commerce site was built using Magento, a leading open source digital commerce platform. 

The Results

Both the statistics and feedback following the launch of the new Laing website have been incredibly positive. The revenue generated through the website has increased dramatically, web visit duration has upped and bounce rates have noticeably dropped, particularly across mobile devices.

Following on from the launch of this e-commerce platform we continue to work closely with Laing Parkhouse and make improvements based on analytical discoveries, changing consumer trends and new digital campaigns. 

Key Statistics

Online sales increase

Sales increased dramatically (over 402%) when compared to the previous 12 month period

Jewellery on the go

The site is now accessed by equal mobile and desktop users (38% each). Prior to launch, this was 47% desktop and 23% mobile.

Overall user increase

The site is being accessed by 118% more people than before the new site launched.

"The Weather took the time to understand our brand & customers, by producing a design that was functional and reflected the luxury experience. Their designs fitted our look and feel, while ensuring the customer experience was optimised."

Charlotte Farish, Head of Marketing

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