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Glengoyne is Scotland’s most beautiful distillery. But it is not just their distillery that sets them apart, it’s their extensive single malt scotch whisky collection and the hand-crafted nature in which Glengoyne is created. No-one takes more time and care.

Project Brief

We were tasked with creating a new digital home for the Glengoyne brand. It was to be designed and built in such a way that ensured the new articulation of the brand attitude, The Glengoyne Way, flowed seamlessly throughout the site. The website was to cater for the ever increasing mobile audience and the growing number of Glengoyne Family members.

Brand Attitude photography


  • Subliminally communicate the Glengoyne brand story and meaning to increase brand awareness, consideration, trial and ultimately - purchase
  • Increase dwell time by offering an on-brand, premium and immersive digital experience that is unique to Glengoyne 
  • Greatly improve the mobile/tablet experience for users and increase interaction
  • Present a clear and intuitive navigation (across all devices) as well as structured sign-posting - offering intuitive user journey mapping from all sections

What We Did

We conducted extensive market research into competitor brands in the malt whisky industry as well as research into how other premium brands positioned themselves digitally.

In collaboration with the client, we developed user personas based on our existing knowledge of the Glengoyne customer base to ensure we accounted for all eventualities.  Personas developed into user journeys that allowed us to assess unique routes into the site from multiple landing pages.

The site structure progressed from an initial site map, to sketch wireframes and interactive wireframes, again demonstrating the flow of users to reach their destination.

We used our research findings to aid in our interpretation of the brand across the digital platform and worked on UI design concepts for key page styles. Throughout the design concept and design development process we referred back to our user experience documents to account for all journeys.

The Results

A modernisation of the brand for digital

The new website takes a leap of faith away from the previous dark and dated designs into a fresh and more contemporary take on this premium whisky brand.  We lightened and brightened the digital colour palette adding in subtleties and textures that lifted the content off the page.  The end result was a confident digital design progression that helped to make the brand more premium.

Bespoke product pages

Having carried out extensive research around competitor whisky brands we knew that the Glengoyne product pages had to pack a punch. The client was eager to see the full bottle in all its glory as much as possible on the page. Our solution was to have a perfect bottle shot fixed as the background of the page with content panels as overlays.

As the user scrolled down the page, the content moved up but the bottle was always visible. The results were just as we had imagined. The content relating to each whisky expression is displayed clearly but at the same time, we never lose sight of the bottling in the background of the page. Each single malt in the collection certainly has the impact we were looking for and more importantly, the client was delighted with the results. 

Touch Friendly Sub Navigation

To accommodate multiple secondary level pages containing valuable information about the product, the brand and the distillery experience our team incorporated ‘nicescroll’ technology. On touch devices this provides a closeness between the top level page and the secondary level pages as they appear beneath the header without the need to return to the mobile menu. ‘Nicescroll’ allows the web user to swipe horizontally to browse the secondary level items and access the content quickly.

Key Statistics

Bounce Rate Decrease

Following the launch, the bounce rate across the site dropped from 52% to 32%

Session Duration Increase

The average session duration increased from 01:49 to 02:43 post launch

Positive User Feedback

91% of users gave the site 8, 9 or 10 when using an on-site survey

"The Weather are always looking to push boundaries with creative design and are eager to incorporate new functionality that will be sure to give a fantastic user experience across all devices."

Iain Weir - Director of Marketing, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd

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