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Abbeyford Leisure is a group of award-winning holiday parks located in breathtaking coastal locations across North Wales and Fife, Scotland. All offer holiday home ownership opportunities and their holiday parks in Scotland also welcome holidaymakers.

Project Brief

Abbeyford Leisure’s existing booking system presented a number of challenges. Most noticeable for their customers, there was no online booking system available. Internally, there were multiple variations of booking systems in use with no centralised hub.

The brief was to build a robust solution that would link all their parks together through a centralised booking system enabling booking transactions via the website (including mobile devices) and via more traditional channels such as telephone, email or ‘walk-in’ bookings.

The new system was to be flexible, easy to use and was to have advanced financial and analytical reporting in place.

What We Did

We proposed a bespoke web-based system be developed that would be shared across all the parks and could be accessed from any internet connected computer. The system was to have multi-user access allowing management to have access to on-demand reporting and to update key information, such as pricing and product details. Additionally, we planned for the introduction of an online booking option via the website.
We began by assessing the varying user personas and their user journeys in making bookings through multiple touch-points. We wanted to ensure each journey was simple and intuitive to the customer and to the Abbeyford Leisure administration staff. In collaboration with the client we ran through every conceivable scenario and customer type.
Once we were confident all angles had been assessed, interactive wireframes were developed to reflect each customer journey and to show the traffic flow through the booking system. Designs were developed to reflect the existing digital style of the brand and a simplified design interface was created for the internal booking view. Together, the designs and wireframes helped our front-end developers build the front facing view of the booking system.

Once the front-end was completed, we moved onto setting-up analytical data working closely with the Abbeyford Leisure finance team to ensure all financial reports were achievable on both a park-by-park basis as well as cumulative totals.
Each step of the project was carefully planned and considered ensuring that the new booking platform developed was a robust, long-term solution that could evolve and grow with the company.  

The Results

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a simple to use system that has:

  • Live booking capability
  • Cross location booking
  • A step-by-step information gathering process
  • Opportunity for users to create customized holidays depending on guests specific requirements
  • Account set-up functionality so the system will remember repeat guests
  • A pricing system that updates throughout the booking process so users can identify where, and what, costs are incurred at any point

Key Statistics

Session Increase

Since the booking system launched, overall site sessions have increased by over 185%.

Bounce Rate Decrease

The bounce rate has gone down by almost 22% compared with the same prior period.

Overall User increase

The site is being accessed by 113% more people than the three months prior to the booking system launching.

"We have worked with The Weather for several years to deliver our digital requirements and have always been impressed with the service and results. The Weather was our first choice to deliver a new integrated online booking system and the results have been impressive from day one of launch."

Peter Davies - Sales & Marketing Manager, Abbeyford Leisure

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