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Our Services

The modern consumer demands a digital presence from every brand they encounter. But are you making the right moves on the right channels for your audience? 

Our digital team are here to help. We’re skilled in a multitude of digital services that can help you improve your digital offering and build the best possible digital experiences for your customers.


A strong digital strategy is vital to the success of any new online venture. We work closely with you to ensure we have a strong understanding of your digital aims and objectives as well as your overarching company goals. Early in the strategy planning process we involve our creatives, UXperts and developers to ensure we never over promise a solution. Once we’ve explored all angles and had input from all necessary parties, we’ll refine our ideas and provide you with detailed documents outlining exactly how we will work together to achieve and maintain your goals.


At Story Weather we get to the heart of what your business represents. We explore your marketplace, your competitors and industry leaders to ensure your brand has the best possible visual representation online. Learnings are taken from your offline brand guidelines to ensure a seamless transition across all channels of marketing communication. Repetition of a consistent brand message will increase familiarity which in turn will build customer contentment and empathy for your brand.


Creativity is always at the heart of our design process. However when it comes to digital design, there are important considerations that will change how a flat print design would translate for digital platforms. We ensure that your website works flawlessly across all devices to engage with your users regardless of how they decide to engage with you. Our design processes works in tandem with the strategic planning stage in that we focus on the most important people - your target audience. 

User Experience

Before we even consider opening our design software, we create various personas or character types of each of your key audiences, as well as mapping out key user journeys to establish a smooth and coherent digital experience.  We offer UX Audits of digital platforms that assess how your current offering could be enhanced. As part of these audits, we'll examine use of colour, fonts, imagery, signposting and layout and provide recommendations that will improve your customer experience with your brand. We are UXQB certified (International Usability and UX Qualification Board).

Web Development

Web development turns wireframe prototypes and static designs into slick, functional digital experiences. From microsites to interactive kiosks, e-commerce websites to bespoke booking systems, we’ve got the skills and the experience to build a unique solution for you. We have a team of technical developers highly experienced in building in various digital platforms. We also have a robust hosting infrastructure that helps us maintain the highest levels of uptime, security and resiliency.     

Social media

With the rise of so many social media channels it can be a challenge to see the wood through the trees. We work in this vast social landscape daily and as a result, we’ve got a fair bit of knowledge we can share with you.  Our social media team offer communications planning, management and deployment services as well as social media strategy development for your brand.    


A web solution will be worthless without evidence of success. Reporting goes hand in hand with strategic planning. If we know the digital objectives for your project we can put measures in place to ensure we fully assess results. We report regularly for our clients using data captured within Google Analytics and Hotjar. Analytical reporting can highlight great success, areas for improvement and can also provide insight into the mind of your consumer.     

Email Marketing

Despite the social media boom, email marketing remains a valuable cog in your overall digital marketing plan. We provide advice on suitable email platforms for your business, training on managing your own email marketing platform as well as offering our services to manage campaigns for you. Our team design and build bespoke email templates, we advise on best practice around data capture, segmentation and personalisation of content.  

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