UX Industry Survey Report

UX Industry Survey Report

Posted on 19 October 2016 by Jason

The people at UserTesting released their annual UX Industry Summary this week. In this document, they surveyed over 7,500 participants asking a variety of questions to dig deeper into how companies are approaching user experience in 2016. We've summarised the report below.

Company UX Culture

As long as company culture permits, innovation seekers are continuing to explore ways in which to incorporate UX best practices into their processes.

"Traditionally, UX research has been constrained to certain individuals or teams within a certain department, however it now seems that companies and teams of all sizes are starting to discover the value of evaluating and measuring user experience."

They go on to suggest that product teams in general may be starting to weave customer feedback into processes more extensively than in the past. This is something that we've started to take advantage of at The Weather. Asking users what they think of any site we launch allows us to see any irritations or positives more easily than beforehand when the end user was silent to a certain extent.

Average company monthly budget for UX research

Average monthly UX spend

According to the report, UX budgets and resources have increased year on year (in the three years that the study has been running). Ultimately this suggests that companies are allocating more resources to UX research on a monthly basis and allow for  more ongoing user feedback.

"In 2014, the largest segment was the $1 to $500 research budget range. This year, the largest was $1,001 to $5,500."

Most Utilised Research Methods

Top 5 most utilised research methodologies

With advances in technology, it is becoming easier for companies to carry out user testing from their own workstations. Tools such as Hotjar and UserTesting themselves, allow us to gather feedback at a much faster pace than we could previously do so, at a reduced cost too.

The report goes on to suggest that the growth in user testing is largely down to companies needing their websites or systems to work across a myriad of devices. Over 60% of survey responders confirmed that they were carrying out UX testing to test 'Multi Device Interaction'.

"Companies can’t treat digital and physical channels as separate entities anymore—and it’s increasingly important to provide an excellent, reliable experience across all channels."


To summarise, the report says it's now evident that providing an outstanding experience to customers is at the forefront of many organisations. They also predict that in the coming years, companies will invest more heavily in creating experiences and products based on continuous feedback from their customers.

We can certainly relate to this prediction. The Weather now rely on customer feedback more heavily than we did at this time last year, and it's effect has been positive. The standard of output product that we can deliver is now of a much higher standard than previously possible, whilst also being more affordable.

If you want to read UserTesting UX Industry Survey report in full, you can download it here.

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