Two DADI 2016 Nominations for The Weather & Glengoyne

Two DADI 2016 Nominations for The Weather & Glengoyne

Posted on 03 August 2016 by Aaron

We are excited to announce that two projects for Glengoyne Distillery have been nominated and made it to the finals of the Drum's 2016 DADI Awards.

Best Website (Use of Visual Design) Category


Glengoyne is Scotland’s most beautiful single malt scotch whisky distillery. But it is not just their distillery that sets them apart, it’s their extensive whisky collection and the hand-crafted nature in which Glengoyne is created. No-one takes more time and care.

Glengoyne wanted the care and attention that is so apparent through their whisky making process to be unmistakable in a new digital venture.

This venture was to move the brand confidently forward in the digital environment.

It was to demonstrate a sure-footed whisky brand ready to compete in the premium whisky industry.

The task was to create a beautiful, premium and visually impactful new website for the Glengoyne brand that would show-case the Glengoyne whisky collection and tell the brand story.

We had the challenge of subliminally communicating the Glengoyne brand story to existing and new customers, with UX design based theory at the heart of our digital design process. The final website needed to be beautiful, but above everything it needed to help visitors understand what makes Glengoyne so special.

Did we get the results we were looking for? With dwell time up 40% and a sales increase of almost 55% on the month of site launch, the answer is YES!


Best use of Video

"Glengoyne Around the World" - Burns Night Campaign

Glengoyne is a Scotch Malt Whisky Distillery with a 55k strong membership called The Family. These loyal members engage with the distillery, the brand and the products from over 17 different countries world-wide.  

Glengoyne are traditionalists. Traditional in that they stick to the original recipe and method in their whisky making process and traditional in their communication approach when it comes to the Family members. Glengoyne put Family first. Period.

But it’s a challenge when the Family are so wide-spread, so far from the remote distillery in Scotland.

How do you involve them and show that they are valued when some are 10,000 miles away?

An idea emerged that we knew would bring the Family closer...

An idea that would tell the story of a global Family coming together from wherever they were in the world. The idea was based on one of the biggest events in the Scottish calendar, Burns Night.

Rabbie Burns (or Robbie!) is one of Scotland’s most famous poets and typically, the recipe for a good Burns Night celebration included 3 main ingredients:

1. Poetry
2. Haggis
3. Whisky

Through the medium of video, we wanted to invite Family members to take part in a free event from wherever they are across the globe.  They simply (!) had to recite a verse (in their best Scots!!) of Robbie Burns, Address to a Haggis poem and film themself doing so. We wanted to use predominantly user generated content to compile a video that would represent the brand and do so in time for Burns Night.

Ultimately we wanted to involve loyal Glengoyne Family members in something unique, no matter their location, to demonstrate the global reach of Glengoyne fans to both the existing fans and prospective fans and to generate awareness of Glengoyne using engaging user generated video content.

The results were heart-warming. The video takes the viewer around the world with Glengoyne.  

We achieved what we set out to achieve. The Family coming together, through the medium of video to celebrate Burns Night. And the video was appreciated by non-members alike, resulting in a 500% increase in the average daily Family member sign-up on the day of launch.  

To us, that’s an achievement. Slàinte mhath!



Keep your fingers crossed

The DADI awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday the 19th of October. Keep your fingers crossed for us and we'll keep you posted on how we do!

Visit the DADI Awards website at 

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