The Weather for Golf

The Weather for Golf

Posted on 14 July 2010 by Darryl

To celebrate our first birthday we took the afternoon off and went to Clubhouse, a virtual golf simulator, for a round of golf and a few rounds of drinks. This was the first time any of us had been to a golf simulator and indeed years since some of us had even picked up a golf club. It’s quite a strange experience. When you take your first shots there’s a little voice in your head telling you that there is something very wrong about swinging a golf club at a ball indoors - but you soon get used to it – or maybe it was the relaxing effect of the beer? After our 18 holes of the Banff Springs course in Canada, we went for a meal at Leven’s on Leven Street. The restaurant does excellent Thai Fusion cuisine. Well worth a visit if you fancy trying somewhere new. A classy end to the evening was had with some ridiculously named cocktails in the West End. Let’s raise a glass to the next year of The Weather. Cheers.

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