A new look for Sexual Health Scotland

A new look for Sexual Health Scotland

Posted on 01 July 2016 by Mairi

Sexual Health is a difficult subject to broach at the best of times, so a website dedicated to answering the questions you wouldn't want to ask your family or friends removes that face-to-face embarrassment and gives you clear, informative answers, direct from your mobile device.  

But the Sexual Health Scotland website had become tired and dated over the years. There became a need revive the site to appeal to the modern web visitor with specific enhancements put in place that would improve the search experience and reduce the stigma associated with sexual health clinics.

Old vs new sexual health scotland site style

Our solution was to lighten and brighten the colour palette, as well as introducing new web friendly fonts to lift the dark, dated look and feel. We introduced an 'Ask a question' feature to guide the web visitor through the site based on actual questions they might ask as well as an improve the 'What happens at the clinic' section to demystify the daunting, embarrassing associations a sexual health clinic has.

Lastly, we developed a new pop-art style for imagery across the website that we felt would work in line with the target audience age as oppose to generic stock imagery or attempting to stage 'real people' in difficult scenarios.

Check out the changes we've made...a more detailed case study is soon to come.

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