I <3 Colour

I <3 Colour

Posted on 12 August 2011 by Aaron

Looking for some colourful inspiration? A great site to turn to for some ideas when it comes to creating a brand or coming up with complimentary colours is www.colourlovers.com.

You can search their archive of colours or palettes by keyword, HEX value (e.g. #FF6633), popularity and date published. If you had, for example, a red logo you could simply type in "red" into the keyword search to find all red colours and palettes. If you were looking for a colour palette to match your brand colours you can type in the actual HEX value into the search to see if someone has created a palette that includes your exact brand colour.

The website also has over 1.7 million user-submitted seamless patterns. Some of these may be based on already established palettes. Colourlovers offer a series of tools that allow you to easily create your own palettes and seamless patterns and upload them to the website.

The trends section of the website showcases palettes used in digital, print, interior design and fashion.

On the subject of interior design and fashion, Colourlovers also partner with other companies to offer users some great products and services. You can get your palettes and patterns printed onto business cards, posters and canvas. The most exciting, I think, is the ability to be able to get your patterns printed onto material via Spoonflower.

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