Hotjar saves lives

Hotjar saves lives

Posted on 10 December 2015 by Jason

We’ve recently started to use the Hotjar tool frequently once a site goes live to actively monitor what users’ are doing, how they are using the site and to flag up anything that might not be performing as well as we had originally envisaged.
It’s a great piece of kit that you simply add to the head of the site, then check back once the desired field of users has visited or interacted pages that you’re requested be followed.

When building the websites, we always ensure that there are several rounds of user testing at the wireframe and concept stage, but it’s always good to test it in the real world with real users. There are occasions when we’d expected the site to perform in one way, and in reality, the user base behaved in a different way.

Having the visual stats, recordings and graphs to back up what they are doing allows us to present our client(s) with a clear and explained reason for making a change. This can sometimes be harder to do when using Google Analytics alone.

User Feedback

We placed a feedback poll onto one website that we launched recently asking people what they thought of the experience. This unobtrusively popped up in the bottom right of their screen asking a few simple questions.

Whilst the majority of the feedback was positive in that the site scored highly using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) there were a few responses that prompted minor tweaks to be made in order to enhance the overall experience. It was great to be able have charts and data presented by the Hotjar admin that allowed us to show the client with a ease of use that is sometimes complex using other analytical tools.

Constantly updating

The brilliant thing with the Hotjar team is that they actively listen to their own users’ feedback. Maybe once a month I receive an email detailing the next tweak that they’ve made to their system allowing for us to gather greater, more detailed information from our users. They also write some great blog articles that give some really interesting data.

The addition of Hotjar to our client websites has allowed us to progress our analysis of the work to a different level. I find it’s far easier to present data to clients using heatmaps and recordings than a spreadsheet of figures from Anaytics. We'd still use Anaytics for a finer level of detail that is often needed, but for an upfront impression on how the website is doing, Hotjar is exactly what we need.

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