Events Occur in Real Time

Events Occur in Real Time

Posted on 29 September 2011 by Darryl

Google have announced that their hugely popular Analytics tool is going real time! In the past Google Analytics reports were often delayed by 3 hours and more – which made it great for analysing past performance but useless for reporting what is happening now.

Google are rolling out the new features in the next few weeks.

The new real time features allow you to track how many visitors are looking at your website, their location, what they are up to and how they arrived.

Google discusses the advantage of using social media to tweet about a new article and instantly see how many people are driven to the website and when the numbers start to drop off – which helps you know when to re-engage.

More information available on the Google Analytics Blog post

Google Analytics Premium

In a busy news day for Google they have also unveiled a premium version of Analytics for large enterprises.  The premium version will offer more data, advanced tools, dedicated support and service level agreement guarantees.

More from Google below:



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