Bitrex website refresh

Bitrex website refresh

Posted on 18 October 2016 by Jason

Did you know, Bitrex is the most bitter substance in the world. Just one drop in a swimming pool is enough to make the water taste bitter. Crazy! It’s a product that gets used in all kinds of household products from screenwash to finger paints, air fresheners to slug pellets. Bitex’s main objective is to help protect the most vulnerable people in the family home – children.
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What was the problem?

Their website wasn’t getting the message that Bitrex wanted to convey very effectively. It was heavy with content, but had very little in the way of imagery or engaging copy to keep the visitor on the site. There was an obvious divide between the content specific to parents and the content for manufacturers and it had started to feel a little disjointed.

What did we do?

Based on the analytics, it was clear the vast majority of users accessing the site were parents wanting to find out about Bitrex, so it was logical to tailor the content to meet their needs. Manufacturers and retailers would still be able to access the same information, but the content was now aimed at one market, the end consumer.

Firstly, we condensed the site map into a more structured format removing pages that were not relevant anymore and reformatting the rest to include content relevant to parents.        

We redeveloped the colour palette used on the site, as well as using more positive imagery throughout. Whilst the red in the Bitrex logo works on packaging to stand out on shelf, it was overpowering the website. We wanted the site to have a softer, more welcoming look and feel for the parent audience. We introduced in a darker steel blue colour which was a fitting contrast to the Bitrex red. The blue acts as a stylised separation method between elements on the page. We updated the typography to use a friendly web based font rather than a generic Arial which lacks any personality.

Again, in an attempt to tailor of the website to appeal to parents, we developed visually eyecatching facts and stats that help to re-enforce the positive effect Bitrex can have on family lives.

Young children are sensitive

We realised the importance of written word on informative websites such as Bitrex and brought in a copywriter to bring the factual information to life based on what would appeal to the parenting audience. 

Keeping children safe

Finally, we showcased the newly launched Team Bitrex campaign throughout the site to give it prominence and to introduce bright, energetic visuals of happy, healthy children.

As Bitrex is a global brand, we worked on translations of the site to accommodate the six different countries that are, at present, their key markets. 

The outcome

The Bitrex site now presents information in a clearer, more concise manner that makes sense to the parenting target audience. Visually, it has a brighter, lighter look and feel with added character and personality through the new copy and imagery. 

Visit the Bitrex website

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