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Established in 2009, we are one of Scotland's leading digital agencies who transform client ideas into award-winning digital services and solutions.

We're now part of Story UK

In 2015, we were acquired by Story UK and became part of The Mission Group.

Story have the largest and most experienced Creative Department in Scotland and have won over 180 international effectiveness awards – placing them as the 4th most awarded agency in the UK.

The Mission are a group of integrated, multi-discipline agencies specialising in specific marketing activities in a range of sectors. There are 13 agencies in the group, 800 people, 24 offices.

The Mission Group spans the UK, Asia and the USA.


Meet the Digital Team

charlie's picture

Charlie Cutler

Managing Director

darryl's picture

Darryl Davidson

Technical Director

aaron's picture

Aaron Harper

Creative Director

mairi's picture

Mairi Sim

Account Director

stuart's picture

Stuart Smith

Senior Account Manager

amy's picture

Amy Questiaux

Account Manager

yan's picture

Yan San

Lead Developer

robert's picture

Robert Kent

Senior Developer

greg's picture

Greg Armstrong


arol's picture

Arol Figueroa

Front End Developer

jason's picture

Jason Gittings

User Interface Designer

Technologies we use

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